History of Rutledge United Methodist Church

A Methodist congregation has existed for more than a century in Rutledge, Georgia.  The first church, a small frame building, stood near the entrance to the Rutledge City Cemetery, adjacent to the W. T. Spears property.

The second church building stood across Main Street from the first building, adjacent to the railroad.  The property was purchased from Mr. and Mrs. William Gregory in 1902 for $65.  Rev. J.W. Taylor, Pastor, was probably the architect and main builder of the new church building.  Much of the lumber was donated, and church members assisted with the construction of the church.  The building had no Sunday School rooms and no central heating system.  


A small house also stood on this lot, and it was used as a parsonage until 1924, when the church began sharing its pastor with Social Circle Methodist Church.  After this, services were held at Rutledge every 2nd Sunday and every 5th Sunday.  The pastor was housed in Social Circle, and the parsonage in Rutledge was sold.  The money received from this sale was invested in Georgia Railway stock.  This stock was later used to build the church’s 3rd and current building at 136 East Main Street.

The lot on which the current church building stands was donated to the church by Roy W. Wallace, a member of the Rutledge Baptist Church.  Construction began on the building in 1953 and it was completed in 1954.  The church observed a day of dedication on October 7, 1956.  The church was equipped with a Hammond organ and with chimes moved from the previous building.  The chimes had been dedicated on November 10, 1947 in honor of Dr. J.L. Porter for his 41 years of service as a physician in Rutledge.  Also brought from the previous building were the altar rail and pulpit, donated to the church by Atlanta First United Methodist Church when the previous building was built.

The Rutledge Methodist Church remained a part of the Social Circle-Rutledge Circuit until 1953.  At that time it entered into a circuit arrangement with Pennington Methodist Church.  The Rutledge-Pennington Circuit continued until 2002.  At that time the name was changed to Rutledge United Methodist Church, and was assigned a full-time pastor by the North Georgia Conference.

In 2007, upon her death, long-time member Clyde Davis bequeathed a monetary gift to the church for a fellowship hall.  In December 2007, in honor of her wishes, the church purchased the residence next door at 120 East Main Street.  Built in 1920, the building was dedicated as the Clyde Davis Fellowship Hall in December 2008.

Clyde Davis Fellowship Hall